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Yesterday, I got the news that my mother’s childhood and best friend has passed away.  While it was not a surprise – she was very sick – it got me thinking about end of relationships, accomplishments, life.

I’m not being morbid, but for a moment I put myself in my mother’s shoes:  losing someone who had shared most of her life’s journey with her.

Our lives are built on winning and losing cycles.  It is unavoidable and out of our personal control.  But the control we do have is how we manage the waves.  We must learn, accept and embrace all within a structure of pragmatism.

Steve Jobs, in his now famous Stanford commencement, said when he was seventeen he read the following quote: If you live your life each day as if it was your last, one day you’ll be right.  That quote he said changed his life.

Remembering we never know from moment to moment how life is going to develop is exhilarating while also serving as a compass for our decisions.  We can ask ourselves: If I were to not see this person again would I want our relationship to have ended like this?  Would I want the last thing we said to each other what has just been said?

These are questions that come up when we ask ourselves; is there something in my life now that I would not want to be if I was to end today?

Keeping in mind the preciousness and uniqueness of each of our moments will also help keep our egos in check.  If there is something that needs to be changed in our lives we must do it today.  The ego will understand that only if you remind it there may not be another chance.

All of us, rich or poor, are each day moving towards the end of our lives.  What we do in between birth and death with what life presents us  is totally up to us.

It is a great loss for my mother to have lost her friend and she knows it.  Not only she has lost the companionship but also part of her own history.  But my mother who always says, we all walk in the dark, made sure her love was felt and her words were shared.

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