Keeping An Eye On Our Ultimate Goal

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Keeping an eye on what you really want is the best way to avoid frustration, confrontation and distraction.  Learning to prioritize then creates the pathway to success.

Let’s say for example that your ultimate goal is to write a book.   That’s a lengthy process that can take up to a year.  But you feel not only this book is psychologically important to you but that it will also open career and financial opportunities.  During the year – while working on the book – you have to take a number of jobs to maintain yourself financially.  You also have to deal with many personal problems that come up for everyone.  Now, any job or problem can be a world onto itself and distract and pull you away from your ultimate goal if you don’t remind yourself they do not carry the same importance as your book does in your life.

Remembering this will help you navigate whatever waters you need to continue on your journey to your ultimate goal.  The problems with the jobs or the personal issues will not have the same punch.

What is interesting as well is that your ego takes a back seat.  It is no longer so important to prove anything along the way because your eye is in the prize.  And what a relive it is when that happens!

I believe that is why so many self-help gurus push for the making of a 1 year plan, 5 year plan or 10 year plan.  It is not that these goals are unbendable or unchangeable.  It is only that they keep us going in a direction and if we are really committed they keep us from being bothered by every single little thing which by the end of the day is truly meaningless.

Find what is important in your life and commit to it.  You’ll see how the rest of the things you thought were so important will just fade away.

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