Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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There is a lot of talk about finding our lives’ purposes so we can live with meaning.  I think it is a noble undertaking except that I believe it makes a lot of people  go searching for the holy grail of purposes.  As if we all had one major purpose in life and until we found it we are unable to have a fulfilling life.  I believe that is wrong.

More than a singular purpose in life, I believe we must find a way of being in the world.  How we want to relate to others and how we want to conduct ourselves.  Solidifying how we want others and ourselves to see who we are, will lead to meaning and thus contentment.

It is important, as we find our way in life, that we listen to our inner-voices.  Unfortunately, our societies are set up to have us fit in and produce not find meaning.  So it is up to each one of us to have the courage to be whom we truly are even if who we are and what we want doesn’t go accordingly to what our friends and families expect of us.

As we find our way in the world, we will also come organically to the understanding that achieving financial success and/or power on their own does not bring meaning.  Financial success can be the byproduct of meaning but not meaning in itself.

If we ask our inner-selves which are the things that we do that bring us peace and contentment we will find purpose.

So maybe you don’t want to waste your energy looking for the one and only holy grail that will bring you purpose.  Maybe you want to find out who you are and how you want to be a participant in this world.  Finding out that will bring you purpose and meaning.

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