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Why is it so important to have a strong ego?  Or better yet what is a strong ego?

If we depend on others to validate who we are or our importance we simply give our power away.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where others don’t care about us or see us in our best light. It is hard to navigate these waters if we don’t have a good sense of self.

Being secured in who we are allows us to survive and often thrive in adverse situations because we don’t depend on others to have a sense of worth.

These dynamics happen often in business situations where people with weak ego fight to assert their power.  These type of individuals feel more secure by oppressing or minimizing others.  Although not a lasting tactic, it does provide temporary release and so it is often a chosen method of dealing with others.

But when we have a strong ego, we do what we need to do without becoming involved in ego politics thus in essence keeping our power where it belongs; with us.  We realize there is nothing we can do to change others but we can choose how we react; without drama and without getting our egos bruised.

Now, if we do have a weak ego, then we become pray of others who consciously or unconsciously power play as often as they can.  Usually when that happens we find ourselves cornered and in need of lashing out.

So how can we build a strong ego?

  • By recognizing our own value
  • By honoring our uniqueness
  • By respecting who we are
  • By knowing who we are without needing someone else’s blessing
  • By understanding others have issues that often have nothing to do with us
  • By being true to ourselves
  • By not engaging in ego wars

It is very hurtful when we on our own aren’t enough to recognize our worth.  If you find yourself in that group, stop now and think what is really important in your life.  Prioritize, remember who you are and move forward towards your personal goal.  When you can do that, it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks and says.

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