Letting Go Of The Need To Be Perfect

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I have always wanted to be perfect. Not because I think I’m better than anyone, but because I always thought I had the means and the possibility.  Simply put my thinking was:  “I should know better and just do right.”  And when I didn’t feel I acted “right”, the backlash was huge.

Of course, when I write this I am reminded of the silliness of such goal.  But, I’m afraid I’m not alone.  There are many of us in this world that keep ourselves on a short leash and demand nothing less than perfection.

While for the less informed that can seem like a lofty ideal, the reality is imbued with much suffering and chastising.

What is perfect? It depends on the situation and who we ask.  So, if we can’t even define perfection how could we aim to achieve it?  And how can we expect ourselves to deliver the right action in every circumstance?

The only antidote for people like myself is another very powerful drug; compassion.  As we struggle to achieve the impossible, compassion comes-in as a way to allow us to see ourselves for who we truly are; human beings.  And to be reminded that at every second of our existence we are making choices from a high-wire.

We walk a thin line through chaos and uncertainty trying to do the best we can.  Sometimes the results are exactly what we want and sometimes they are not.  But, if we apply compassion towards ourselves we will realize we are deserving of forgiveness.  We’ll also realize we are not commander in chief of life itself.

Living means inter-acting with others which means we cannot hold ourselves to be the only voice in any relationship or situation. We all have our conflicts and difficulties that we have to work through which we do as live our lives.

I’m working hard at letting go of my want to be perfect.  These days I use the phrase: “I’m doing the best I can.”  And that is all I can ask of myself.

What about you? Are you asking yourself the impossible?

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