Courage Versus Self-Righteousness

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Interesting post – pasted below – by Russell Bishop from today’s Huffington Post. In it Russell discusses the difference between courage and self-righteousness.

I must confess I know a thing or two about being self-righteous.  I have spent a lifetime standing on a soapbox telling others what is wrong with them and the world.  Now, there isn’t really anything wrong in sometimes pointing to others different ways of being and living.  What was wrong – at least with me – was the motivation.  I wasn’t being courageous in putting myself out there to point to the truth.  I was just being self-righteous.  I wanted others to know how smart and intuitive I was.  Because of that motivation, my actions weren’t deeply rooted and could be knocked out easily.  It also didn’t produce the satisfaction I was looking for.

Real courage is based on inner-knowledge and thus wise and deep.  Real courage is brave without having to call upon the whole world to see it is taking place.  Real courage happens because it must.

Noise due to self-righteousness is frail and is a reflection of an ego in need of pampering.  It might feel good for a minute or two, but it will soon crumble.

So, next time you feel motivated to speak-up or stand on a soapbox, ask yourself what your true motivation is.  Go deeper than the ego chatter to find out what the self really wants.  By doing that you will be in harmony and coherent with inner-self; a goal worth standing on a soapbox for.

Please read on.

Soul-Talk: Are You Courageous or Just Self-Righteous?

By Russell Bishop

What’s the difference between true courage and the sometimes foolish or insensitive dogged determination that runs roughshod over other people in the name of some sacrosanct goal?

True courage takes many forms, few of them characterized by bravado and none of them insensitive or unkind…Continued

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