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We all talk about how great it is to live in the moment.   We know there is nothing to be done about the past and the future is a question mark.  But, living in the moment is much more than just being present.  It also means to be free of expectations.  It means to live each moment fully without the pressure of where the moment will take us. It means to be so immerse in it that it becomes an end in itself. No easy feat because we are constantly battling a need to control and to know the outcome of everything we do.

Unfortunately, it is especially in romantic relationships that we see the need to control thriving.  I say unfortunately because that is what most of us proclaim to want – a romantic relationship. And that is where a need to control can create the greatest amount of damage.

It is understandable to be cautious, after all most of us over the age of twenty have experienced heartbreak or betrayal, and we know how much it hurts.  But, analyzing and measuring our every action makes it impossible to experience a fulfilling relationship.

Constantly questioning what he or she will think or what will happen if I do this or that, turns a relationship – which should be spontaneous and free – into a recipe for discontentment.   It is impossible to truly enjoy oneself in the company of another when the what ifs are so present.

So, how do we truly live in the moment? We work at it as if we were building up a muscle.  We set the goal and then with disciple and consciousness we work at it.

We remind ourselves any idea of control of outcomes is a mere illusion.  We remind ourselves there is only the moment of NOW and rather than spoiling it with worries of the future we should let ourselves go and fully enjoy the present.

Every time we are able to stop ourselves from projecting into the future, we are building the muscle of being in the NOW.  And every time we achieve that, we are paid back with a great feeling of freedom.

If there is something I have learned in my life, is things can change in ways we could have never imagined.  Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse.  Missing out on fully being in a moment  is missing out on life.

I’m not saying I have accomplished being able to live without expectations.  But, I work at it every day by doing what I think I want to do without wondering where it will lead me.  I’m learning to trust my instincts to guide me to greater fulfillment in life.  I know I have no control of outcomes.

We have not control of outcomes. So, why not let go of expectations and fully embrace each moment?

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