I Live Alone And I Like It

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Living alone gets a bad rap. Mostly because people equate being alone with lonely.  Nothing could be further from the truth as one can feel lonely in the middle of a crowd.  As well as, one can feel fulfilled by themselves. Loneliness relates not to the number of people surrounding us, but to the connections with the self.

I love living alone because I get to do what I want, how I want in the best company possible; that of my own self.  Now, by most people’s standards I’m a very social person.  I have many friends and an active work life. So, it is when I’m alone that I get to listen to how I’m truly feeling and bask in the simple easy things that I’ve learned give me a great sense of serenity.

I also have extensive experience in living with others.  Besides living with friends, I have also had two long term relationships where I shared a home. In the first, living together made me completely lonely, the second made me feel I had a home and belonged.

Maybe one day, I’ll get to share my home with someone again.  So, I enjoy my time on my own now and know if and when I share my life with someone else, I will make sure to never give up on the sacred time I have now come to enjoy so much; that with myself.

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How Living Alone Can Be Good For You

By Laura Schocker

My whole life I’ve been told that teamwork is golden. The clichés say it all: Two heads are better than one. The more the merrier. There is no “I” in “team.” I grew up to view being in the company of others as the de facto ideal state. And for many years, it was true: my senior year of college, I lived with seven of my closest girlfriends in one house. Just as I predicted, it was one of the best years of my life. No matter what time of day or night there was always a friend to bounce an idea off of, a shoulder to cry on or a late-night snack buddy. It was domestic bliss for a 22-year-old...Continued

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