Being Coherent With Our Truth

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Sometimes being coherent with ourselves and respectful of who we are can put situations and relationships at risk.  So, what do we do?

If something inside of us is telling us a particular situation isn’t right, but we know confronting it might mean an adverse response, do we go forward and explore how we feel or do we retreat and try to bury the feelings?

I think the true answer is, we move forward in step with our feelings.  While we are risking losing the situation or the person by confronting them with our feelings, we will be living in our truth which is the only way we can live in harmony.  Because, not giving air to our thoughts and feelings does not make them go away.  It only transforms them into resentment, anger and sadness.  So, it is obvious that as hard as sometimes it can be, we must act according to our truth.

Now, how we go about it is something we can work on.  First we have to make peace with all the possibilities that can happen by our actions – from the best to the worst.  Once we thought about all the outcomes then we have to think of the approach as we are trying for the best.  So planning is a good thing.

Picking the right time, and coming from a place of love – rather than anger and resentment – will allow us to stay in respect for us, the other person and the situation.  Calmly stating how we feel without blame and accusations will most certainly give the other person the chance to also be truthful.

Once the cards are on the table a decision can be made as to the future of a situation or relationship.  If it is not the outcome expected we must remind ourselves that what has taken place would have been the end result regardless.  The truth is the truth.  But, what we have gained is the knowledge that however hard a situation might be for us to confront, we have the strength and the respect to say: “I don’t want to live this.”

As we go on in our lives respecting our own boundaries a sense of strength and respect develops within us – which is a lot more important and truthful than hoping that which isn’t  right to transform itself in being right.

It takes courage to live in harmony, but it really is the only way to find true contentment.


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