Finding The Answer Amidst Chaos

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In times of uncertainty the only certainty is that which lies within.

When something is troubling me I ask myself: What’s the truth? That question comes from my belief that if I can quiet and journey within the correct answer is there waiting for me. The trouble lies in settling down enough so I can listen to the wise voice which exists in each one of us.

Emotions can turn still waters into giant waves where our only protection becomes our acquired wisdom.

Through solitude we build bridges between chaos and wisdom; bridges we can walk on when we need respite from the chaos.

It is also in solitude that we can replenish our strength and sense of self.  We are reminded of our independence and completeness. We are whole.

Our need to connect with others should not come from a point of weakness where we see the outside as salvation.  Our need to connect should come from strength – from a want to give and receive. We are whole.

So when my emotions take a strong hold of me, and I feel topsy turvy, I stop and seek the quiet where the answers to my questions await me.

It is easy when we are in the seesaw of emotions, to go from one thing to another.  There is the feeling that if we don’t do something, we are going to lose.  The truth is without a sense of calm – which comes from connecting with the self – we are just adrift in a huge emotional wave.

It takes discipline to stop.  We must tell ourselves to breathe, to connect with our internal life and to let go.  Breathing produces relaxation, connection with the self brings wisdom, letting go of expectations allows us to be in the moment.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or out of control – take charge.  Carve out time to spend in solitude then ask yourself “what’s the truth?’  The answer will always be the right one.






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