Learning To Release Control

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I have always had trouble accepting weakness and/or the feeling of being powerless.  For people that know me this is probably a strange confession to make as I have always been a loving and compassionate and understanding person.

Maybe my difficulty comes from never wanting to accept the frailty that also resides in me.  Or it comes from the knowledge – buried deep inside – that I’m not 100% the master of my destiny.

There is still a part of me that believes it is all up to me.  I can make it happen if I’m strong enough or persistent enough.  That’s the part that I have been working on.

I have many times in the past tried to muscle things into happening.  Sitting back and letting life play out has never been my style.  I’ve never been able to believe that without me pushing and fighting things would turn out the way I wanted them.  But, as I gain more experience I realize I must learn patience and the fact that I do not have ownership over everything and everyone in my life.   I must release control and I must accept it really isn’t all up to me.

I must also – after realizing there is nothing to be done about a certain situation – not succumb to the impulses of doing something about it so that I feel I’ve done my part.  That’s hard.  To realize something is what it is no matter what I think or do. Now coming to this conclusion without blame, guilt, or anger is maturity and it is acquired wisdom.

It is only when we can accept things for what they are that we can move on.  Fighting to change something that cannot change keeps us stuck and keeps us from experiencing all the other opportunities that are actually open to us.

Our freedom comes from not how situations and people enter our lives, but it comes from how we deal with them.

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