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Making life changing decisions is tough business.  It means letting go of something familiar and jumping into the unknown.

Even if the familiar isn’t quite right, it is still familiar, which means we have already developed coping mechanisms to deal with and to live within a certain set of circumstances.

The unknown on the other hand is just that; unknown.  It can be more pleasant or less.  But, more importantly it will require us to adapt and change.  And that is what we don’t like – a feeling of not quite knowing how to be and behave.

But, here is a secret: If we don’t do the changing on our own, life will take over and do it for us.

So, let’s practice being mature and in charge and learn how we can make tough decisions on our own:

First, if a situation doesn’t feel right or comfortable, chances are there is something amiss.  Ignoring it, it will only allow whatever it is to become more difficult.  So, let’s ask ourselves why we are not comfortable.  It is important when doing the asking to go deeper than the feeling of anger, envy, or jealousies – which are emotions that serve to masquerade others – so we can find out the truth.  Once we have our answer, we need to gather up strength, make sure the time is right, then focus and take action.

What do I mean by “make sure the time is right”?  Sometimes we know we must change something in our lives, but we are not emotionally ready for the change.  When that is the case, we shouldn’t jump the gun.  We don’t want to make a change that would send us on a tail spin.  Instead, armed with the knowledge of what must eventually happen, we take steps.  We make SMALL changes to test the waters then we check back with ourselves and move forward with the final goal in mind.  As we do so, we gather up clarity and strength.

Making conscious changes empower our psyches as the creators of our own lives and in the process we learn to respect our intuitions and our rights to choose the lives we want to live.

If you have been dragging your feet about changing something in your life, take a deep breath and go for it.  Contentment can only come when we have cleared up enough space for it to thrive.


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