Why To Know Thyself?

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People keep going on and on about know thyself.  So, why the heck is it so important to do that after all?

For starters if we don’t, we’ll just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.   It’s like going to an ice-cream store on a Monday and getting a chocolate ice-cream cone.  Then on Tuesday a strawberry.  And then on Wednesday a Vanilla.  You know what I mean; they are all ice-cream cones just with different flavors.

When we don’t take time for self-reflection, that’s what we do; we repeat the same behavior. If you are thinking that is not you because you can’t identify your current situation with anything else from the past, think again.  Is it really different behavior or does it only look different?  Now, take your time to reflect on the question before answering.  You may surprise yourself with the answer that comes up.

Behaviors are like addictions.  Once we start we just keep going back for more.  So, self-reflection is that intelligent part of our psyche that recognizes the behavior and its consequences , takes it apart and follows it up by suggesting a replacement behavior.  After that, is up to our sense of discipline and self-love to carry it through.

Of course, the next great reason to know thyself is that if we don’t how can we really know what we truly want out of our lives as opposed to what we think we want.

All of us are under constant bombardments from society in general to behave and to want the same things.  We are also under great pressure to fulfill our families and friends expectations of us.  So, where do we stand in all of this?  We must know ourselves for the true answers.

Lastly, if we get to know who we are, we’ll also know what fulfills us and we’ll be able to provide a lot of that ourselves.  We’ll become our own best friends and solitude will be welcomed as enriching times and will replace feelings of loneliness.

So get to know thyself and see your life transform.




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