Obsessing Does Not = Action

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Found the below post by Brad Pilon at www.zenhabits.com

“Here is an experiment I’d like you to try:

Log in to your banking account. Check how much money you have.

Now log out.

Now log back in, check how much money you have.

Now Log out.

Repeat this two to three more times.

I’m willing to bet my money that your money did not change as a result of how many times you checked on it.

The point of this experiment is obsessing about things isn’t actually action. It rarely, if ever changes the circumstance you are obsessing about.”…Continued

Although Brad goes on to connect the above to issues of health and fitness, I think it can be applied to any kind of obsessive behavior.

Often, we believe we can muscle situations into being what we want, but most often than not by doing so we cause the opposite to happen.

In reality, doing our best then letting go is the only healthy approach we can have towards any our undertakings.

For people like me, who believe unless I’m standing on my head and doing cartwheels nothing will happen, letting go of control can be a tough proposition.

After countless breakdowns over why life wasn’t happening the way I wanted and in my own time, I realized I had to change.  Obsessing didn’t make anything happen differently.  It only made me and others anxious.

So, what I’m learning to do now is to put my best effort forward then ask myself; have I done everything I can and if the answer is “yes” then I let go.  Letting go means; moving forward with other thoughts and tasks and letting life take its course.

If you are obsessing over things, don’t let the feelings the behavior create trick you into thinking you’re actually doing something.  Remember: all we can do is our best.  We don’t control results.  So, let go and move on.

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