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Last year, I read an interesting piece by a writer who was trying to make the point that holding back in a romantic relationship was actually more detrimental than jumping in with both feet first.

Let me explain: what she was trying to say is that as we get older and have had a few disappointing experiences we start to hold back on our enthusiasm. We want to see where things go before we put our hearts on the chopping board. Good logical thinking. But, as we do that, we also diminish the experience. We don’t laugh as loud. We don’t love as intensively. And our happiness is damped.

I thought and still think the writer has a point. If we hold back on enthusiasm what we end up doing is creating a beige life. And the truth is, if we are trying to stop ourselves from going through bad situations we will never completely succeed as life has its own mind and rhythm and will bring challenges no matter what.

I think the answer is in being enthusiastic, but conscious. What I’m saying is; let’s let ourselves go, but know it is possible that the relationship or job or sports competition may not pan out the way we want. If we do that, we get to live the experience fully all the while being prepared if it doesn’t end up the way we hoped it would.

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Why People Are Afraid to Be Enthusiastic

By Lisa Earle McLeod

Have you ever had someone throw a wet blanket on your idea? It’s horrible. You come in all excited about something, then someone you care about (your spouse, boss, teacher, parent) responds with anxiety and doubt.

As a hugely enthusiastic person myself, I’ve had this happen a lot. I used to get hurt and annoyed. But I’ve come to realize that people aren’t intentionally trying to dampen your energy. Sometimes they’re just afraid…continued



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