Re-Educate, Re-Think, Re-Mind Your Mind

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Below is an interesting post by Laura Berman Fortgang, a best-selling author and interfaith minister.  In it she discusses how much it is up to us to re-educate (Re-Mind) ourselves so we can have a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

She talks about accepting and embracing who we are as a first step then creating an inner-dialogue as a second. And I couldn’t agree more.

While she specifically discusses depression – which has never had a strong hold on me – the process still works for my “dis-ease” –  a demanding mind.

First I have had to understand the demands I place on myself – to always be perfect – is not actually holding the bar high – as I used to think – but is instead putting myself in a suffocating prison.

No one is perfect and not allowing oneself to make mistakes is a heavy burden to carry.  It sucks the life out of you and sends you down a path where you’ll be beating yourself up on a daily basis.

So, I know who I am.  I know my tendencies and when they rear up their ugly heads, I talk to myself. I Re-mind myself (re-educate) that I need to accept that sometimes I’m less than perfect.  Then I direct my mind to the big picture.  Is this “error” of mine going to have such consequences that justify the beating I’m giving myself?  Can I actually learn something from it?

Thinking of the big picture is a great response to the beating up. It really puts things in perspective because in most cases my “error” is really insignificant and if I think about it I can actually learn something from it.

Once, I have talked to myself then I move on with compassion.  I forgive myself.  I actually say: It’s  okay.  Then I get busy with others things and I don’t let my mind keep playing the “error” again and again.  I get off the rat wheel.

In the end, our lives are not really about the end game. The accomplishments.  It really is much more about the in between.  The experiences.  The relationships. The emotions.  The wisdom acquired to be compassionate towards oneself. The wisdom about being present.

Please read on…

Recalculating: You Can Re-Mind Yourself

By Laura Berman Fortgang

I’ve battled depression for most of my adult life. I don’t discuss it much but when I do, like now, it’s to encourage someone suffering from depression. The response is usually one of surprise, like “You seem so energetic and positive!”

“That’s my nature,” I respond. “And I have to fight for it every day.”  Continued…


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