The Difference Between Happiness And Contentment

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Love the article posted below.  It discusses the difference between happiness and contentment in a very clever way.  The writer, Nancy Colier, uses the simulation game The Sims as an example of how the human spirit really works.

In the game, once the player has won X amount of points, he or she is awarded Permanent Happiness. In this state the avatar wins the right to constant happiness.  Nancy notes that most players after enjoying this new status for a while, get bored, kill their avatar and start anew.

I think this observation is quite brilliant.  It shows – in a psychological way – that which we say we seek is really not quite what we think.

Achieving constant happiness with the exclusion of all other human feelings takes the zing out of life.  I’m by no means saying we need to suffer and be unhappy to enjoy life.  What I’m saying is that happiness in real life comes and goes. It is the result of something we worked towards and then achieved.  The working towards is an important element and once the excitement of the achievement passes and other situations arrive, the happiness leaves.

Happiness is powerful because it is a result of effort.  Without it, happiness is thin.

On the other hand, what can be a constant is contentment or as Nancy calls it; well-being.  That is a state that is unrelated to the ups and downs of life because contentment is based on a relationship with the self.  How well we know ourselves, how much do we listen to our true voice.  In essence it’s about how we deal with the feelings we have and not about the outside aspect that have created them.

Opportunities, situations, doors that open and close are not within our complete control, but how we deal with the feelings they create are.  That is the difference between happiness and contentment and unhappiness and contentment.

Once understanding that our ground is contentment we must then nourish it by strengthening our relationship with the self.

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Happily Ever After?

Nancy Colier

In the online simulation game The Sims, when an avatar accomplishes all of her lifetime aspirations, she achieves “Permanent Platinum” status, otherwise known as permanent happiness. Once “Platinum,” her mood bar cannot slip below a certain level, and her environment no longer impacts her happiness. She is frozen in happiness…Continued


Make Your Life Be What You Dream

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For a great part of my life I heard people telling me: “You dream too big. Lower your expectations and you will be happier.”  In a way it makes sense, right? If I lower my expectations I have to achieve less, and therefore when I do get to achieve the lesser expectations I’ll be completely happy.  It sounds cohesive, but it is fundamentally wrong.  The dreams we have is what fuels us to get up, research, investigate, invest, think, struggle, cry, and laugh.  The dreams we have is what makes our journey a series of vibrant experiences.  Lowering our expectations means giving up on what fuels us.

The point is; it doesn’t matter if we achieve everything we set ourselves out to.  What matters is that we keep on creating goals and dreams to be our destination, the bigger the dream the bigger the journey.

Don’t sell yourself short.  If you are surrounded by people who want to damp your greater dreams, befriend others that will support you on your journey.

Life is about experiences.  How we plot to get where we want to go and how we deal with the successes and the obstacles.

Just make sure your goals are worthwhile. Don’t waste your life by dreaming about becoming famous just for the sake of it.  Let being famous become a consequence of some worthwhile endeavor.  If you dream about being rich, make being rich a consequence of something amazing that is going to change the way people see themselves and live their lives.  Why not? Dream big and live big.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined – Henry David Thoreau

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.


Want To Be Free? Let Go Of Results

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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  – John Lennon

I’m always in a hurry.  I want things to happen yesterday, and when they don’t I get frustrated and unhappy.  I have been aware of this shortcoming of mine for a long time without having been completely successful in changing my level of expectation.  But, I do have succeeded in tampering it quite a bit.  And I believe I’m close to the finish line to living in the moment and letting go of results.  And that is what I want to share.

In my journey I first realized four things:

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Time And Success Are Relative, Love Is A Constant

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I have always struggled with time.

When I was 15 years old and decided to start dancing, I thought I was already too old and would have a tough path ahead.

When I was in my early 20s, I thought I was falling behind in terms of accomplishments if compared to others around me.

Now in my 40s I struggle with the idea of being too old to still be attractive or not successful enough for my age.

What I have just described is a set of thoughts in my brain BUT the other set is:

1                     –  Time is a concept not a reality

Experience and quality, trumpets time.  Life is a continuous wave of opportunities for us to learn,  sculpt, and be.

2                     –  Success is a relative concept

Who is successful?  An individual with a high financial worth or someone who overcame his emotional limitations?

Success does not have to come with fireworks.  Accomplishments are personal and should matter to us more than to anybody else as only we know what took us to get from A to B.

3                     –  Love

Loving someone and being loved is not dependent on anything but a mysterious conversation that takes place between two people.  There is no age, race or gender requirement for sharing love.

This inner dialogue between the self, that is a by-product of our society, and the self that knows the mind and the heart are free in their essence is a constant.

The struggle makes me human and the achievement of inner balance between my two sides is loving, successful and always in the nick of time.