Turning Loneliness Into Deeper Connection

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I have just read the posting below and thought of sharing it with you.  It is a good companion to my earlier post The Pleasures Of Solitude (https://theloveprojectinc.com/?p=3192)


By Anne Naylor, posted on the Huffington Post

Loneliness accepted becomes a gift
leading one from a life dominated by tears
to the discovery of one’s true self
and finally to the heart of longing and the love of God.


This week, I have been reading Alex And Me by Dr Irene Pepperberg, the touching and inspiring story of the author’s scientific studies with a Grey parrot, Alex, and his intelligence and language skills. A feisty bird by all accounts, he also demonstrated qualities of empathy and understanding — qualities I call “heart skills.” His premature death was deeply grieved.

Do you ever feel disconnected and find this world to be a lonely place, lacking in warmth and friendship? Or perhaps you are one who thrives in solitude. Do you feel overwhelmed by demands being made on you for your time and attention, but absent from real contact with others? Do you ever wonder in all of the busy-ness who your friends really are? …Continued