The Transformative Power Of Love

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Below is a beautifully written and touching post by Dan Gottlieb on the Huffington Post.  Dan discusses how when we open ourselves up to the love that already exists within us, life changes.  When we finally realize that loving someone is not about changing them into the people we would like them to be, we are ready to embrace the love that lives within us. We often spend so much of our time and energy trying to prove who we are to others and ourselves that we end up running over what would actually make our lives in what we keep searching for; a more profound and transformative experience.

His observations come as a result of the loss of his mother and of a friend’s loss of his son.  Unfortunately sometimes it takes a tragedy for life to come into focus again.

Don’t wait to experience a great loss in your life to peel away the layers of anger and discontent to find what already lives within you.  In love there is compassion and warmth. Love yourself and others today.


By Dan Gottlieb

As much as I hate to say it, the Beatles were wrong when they said, “Love is all you need.” It’s just not that simple.

Love nurtures life, but we need much more. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber got it right when he wrote the lyric, “Love changes everything,” for the musical “Aspects of Love.” Love changes our lives, whether it’s the openhearted, head-over-heels kind of love that makes us obsessed with our lover, or the kind of love we feel for a child. But love also changes our lives when it slowly begins to die in a marriage, or when it’s betrayed by broken promises.

And the nature of love is forever altered when death visits the relationship…Continued