A Year Of Good Deeds

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My friend Claire Pascal started a blog called A Year Of Good Deeds.

Claire is a very special woman.  She’s a writer and a teacher.

When 9/11 happened it touched her so profoundly she went to Yale to study theology. She needed a different kind of knowledge to understand or at least to cope better with devastation.

My friend Claire looks at life and people with profound respect and understanding.  She’s kind to others as well and to herself.  She’s fallen many times without ever losing her heart.  And for that she has my admiration. It is not easy to fall, truly see oneself down, get up and still be opened to the world.

As Claire writes about herself she lets us in her humanity and we are all better off for that.

Below is Claire’s statement about the birth of her blog.


So my life fell apart. I couldn’t deny my alcoholism anymore, a dear friend died, and then my marriage tore apart–wrenching and painful. To recover from the wreck I’ve become, I’m conducting an experiment: I will do one good deed a day. I’m hoping this helps me peek out from my miserable self-absorption and perhaps do a tiny bit of good for the world. Will this make me or anyone else happier?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I just got back from an AA meeting and I stand corrected about the saying: “Give 100% expecting nothing back.”  Here’s the more accurate version:  “Give 100% because it’s free and fun expecting nothing back not even a thank you.”  A tougher version.  Now I have to have fun while I’m giving without expecting a reward.

Good deeds today:  Flowers for my AA sponsor.  A thank you note to the woman guard at the entrance of my condo complex.  She’s the only female guard and she always waves and smiles at me when I come home late at night from work, which is often…Continued


Never Give Up On Your Life

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I was telling my dad this morning about Marc Abrams, the “walking doctor” of Silver Lake (https://theloveprojectinc.com/?p=3751) who committed suicide.  My dad who is going to be 87 years old in November said: “That’s really sad, to throw away life, the most precious gift we have.”

I thought back to when my late husband was very sick and I felt trapped.  I couldn’t imagine him going on suffering as he was for much longer and I couldn’t imagine living without him.  We loved each other in a way we had never experienced before and our lives were completely intertwined.  What would happen to me when he was no longer around?  How could I exist if he didn’t?

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Striking A Balance

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Yesterday I went to see a film with my parents – I’m still in Brazil – about a very prominent medium who died in 2002 at the age of 92, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chico_Xavier).

The film was poorly made but that is not the point of this blog.  The point is in a scene – based on an actual televised account by the medium about the episode – the medium is on a plane flying from one state to another when the flight encounters a lot of turbulence.  As the plane dips and shakes, the medium starts screaming and praying in fear for his life. That made no sense being that the medium’s entire life had been lived conversing with souls.

Now let me make my disclaimer here; I don’t believe people converse with souls that continue to be whom there were in life in heaven.  Back to my point; while on live television this medium recounted his experience and laughed at himself and the absurdity of his flying experience. How could have him be afraid of dying?  Wasn’t his whole work about letting others know death was just a continuation of life only in a different realm?

The scene crystallized a thought for me which is; we are beings of opposing thoughts and feelings.  We may be searching and being on the path of love, gratitude and positivism and have the voices of jealousy, and hate within us.  We are not black or white.  We are all the colors and finding contentment and a life style that suits us, is about finding balance of all the voices within us.  It is hearing the voice of fear but not letting it over take our life.  We converse with it but we don’t listen to it.

Chastising ourselves because we have all the colors within us it is not healthy or kind but acknowledging them and striking a balance is.