Inside Grief Lies A Seed Of Hope

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Photo By Angie Rubin

Grief is the agony of an instant. The indulgence of grief the blunder of a life – Benjamin Disraeli

As we go through life we lose friends, relatives, parents, looks, youth, wealth, health, jobs, reputation, possibilities, opportunities, love and at the end of it all, life itself. Wanting or not loss is part of the human experience. Denying it leaves us in limbo.

Great grief takes away the ground from under our feet. We falter and look for support. It hurts deeply and it often feels like it’s going to swallow us whole. Grief brings a period of mourning, introspection and the possibility of growth.

Grief without transformation devastates.  Like a deadly virus it eats away at hope, enthusiasm, and beauty leaving behind only sadness and despair.

Many of us experience grief as a form of fear. The fear of life itself swallowing us whole and leaving us trapped.

Grief, as hard as it is, needs to be acknowledged and given respect.  There is no other way.  In our weakest moment we are asked to find the courage to walk through the loss and feel its full impact.  But as we do so, something amazing takes place.  For the courage we show, we receive knowledge and understanding in return.  And at the end of our journey our hearts will see life and the world in a different way.

We learn to appreciate the simple things that take place in our daily lives.  A word from a friend means more and a spontaneous laughter more gratifying.  We also gain the organic knowledge that life is fleeting but our inner-strength steady.  Love for ourselves and compassion for others becomes the side-effect of loss.

Grieving is not easy and not something anyone looks forward to.  But when time does come we must be brave and put our arms around it and in loss we find our own transformation. It is the cycle of life.