The Kitchen

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Written by Cirina Catania

My daughter and granddaughter are running up the stairs and laughing as they jockey for position on the steps.  “I want to go this way!”  “No, I want to go this way!” “You go the other way.”  “Ahhh….I’m going to beat you!” They giggle and squeal and their footsteps echo in the hallway on the second floor rippling back to the kitchen where I am fixing breakfast and preparing ahead for lunch.

The smell of the peppers broiling takes me back to my childhood and my grandmother’s smile appears in my reflections of the morning.  The yellow, red and green peppers, skin slowly turning dark, bubble in the oven.  Fresh mushrooms already sliced wait near the stove and I am rinsing bright green spinach from a local grower.  Eggs from a nearby farm and provolone cheese wait patiently for me to add them to the omelet.  Rosemary and olive bread, thickly sliced,  is going to be so good with just a smidge of fresh butter on it!

Nana used to love to cook for us.  Her daughters, my aunts, would all gather in the kitchen and the smells of Italian delicacies would make my mouth water.  Soups, breaded cutlets, chicken parmesan, fresh vegetables, pastas, cheeses and….deserts…mmmm…those deserts.  I was too young for wine or coffee, but I remember watching as the grown-ups sat around the big table, the men chomping on their unlit cigars and the women laughing and chattering on about their day.

It is a time far away now, but so closely held in my heart; a time once again remembered, prompted by the sounds of laughter and footsteps of my own daughter and her daughter.  Family, generations, reminding me how lucky I am to love and be loved.

Cirina Catania is the producer of the highly successful show Digital Production BuZZ.  She is a writer/producer/director and an active member of the Producers Guild of America and a former studio executive with 8 years at MGM/UA where she served as VP Worldwide Marketing.