Our Legacy

May 2, 2010 by  
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dante_0777I just watched “Batman Begins” again.  I think Christopher Nolan (writer/director) is brilliant.  He wrote and directed the last two Batman films in the series. But this post is not about him.  It’s about the scene where Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is looking at his destroyed castle – which had belonged to his parents – and says to Alfred (Michael Caine):  “I lost my parents’ legacy”.  To which Alfred responds: “Your parents’ legacy is more than bricks and cement”.  It’s a simple exchange that really drives the point home because we are not talking about a simple house.  We are talking about Bruce Wayne’s mansion.

We often belief that our lives and/or legacy are made off things.  The homes cars and money we do or don’t have.  But the truth is our legacy is how we impact other people.  How lives are changed because of us.  A hand, word, gesture, hug we gave to someone who was in need.

When my husband was alive, because of his work, we dined at the best restaurants in the world and we were regular guests at five star hotels.  While I remember those times they are no more than distant memories. On the other hand I feel his love and respect for me.  I remember how fair he was and how he made me value myself.  He impacted my life for the better and I think of him every minute because of his love.

So don’t judge yourself by the material things you have or haven’t accumulated but instead ask yourself how available are you to being there for others and how much of your life is about growing and evolving as a human being, because that is your true legacy.