Bucket List For Baby With Fatal Illness

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(CNN) — Mike and Laura Canahuati’s blog about their nearly 6-month-old daughter, who is expected to die by age 2 because of a genetic disorder, began as an efficient way to keep family and close friends in touch about baby Avery’s health.

But when Mike Canahuati came upon the idea of writing a “bucket list” for his infant child — a list of things to do before death normally drafted for adults — his blog went viral, now with more than 1 million page views…Continued


Living As If They Had Only One Day Left

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I love this story.  Living in the moment and have the passion to make every day count is an amazing accomplishment.  As we get older our goals change and we sometimes forget that the goal of life is living.  Make your own bucket list.

(CNN) — “Don’t close your eyes, don’t close your eyes,” a terrified Christopher Gamez chanted as he coasted 7,000 feet above South Padre Island, Texas, his heart racing.

One by one, Gamez watched as three people were “sucked” out of the plane and whipped violently into the thrashing winds and mist. “Just put your head back and breathe,” he told himself, seconds before joining the others.

But why would someone with a severe fear of heights willingly plummet from the sky? To cross “skydiving” off his mental bucket list, of course.

Gamez was inspired to dream up his list of goals after watching MTV’s “The Buried Life”, a reality TV show about four friends who set out to accomplish the tasks on their joint bucket list.

The show, which wrapped its first season in March, has motivated many young adults to create such lists right now, rather than waiting until they’re about to “kick the bucket” like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s terminally ill characters in “The Bucket List” or Queen Latifah’s supposedly terminally ill character in “Last Holiday”…Continued