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I’m reading a book “No One You Know” by Michelle Richmond.  In it she has a phrase to describe a character “I could tell he was a person who lived at ease in the world…”

Somehow that phrase made me stop reading and think about myself.  I like me. I like who I’ve become and I like my place in this world.  I like my home and I feel energized about the many possibilities that lay ahead.

I’ve lost what was most important to me, and I grieve for that, but ahead of me I have a new beginning a new start.

I also no longer worry about what it will be.  I actually welcome it with a certain level of excitement. 

A childhood friend sent me an email saying she misses our times together when we were young.  That struck me as odd.  So much life has happened since and so much life is still ahead, why miss the past?

Of course the past is what got us where we are and who we are but that’s what it is; the past.

I’m much more interested in who I will become and how I’ll deal with the next set of emotions, thoughts, wins and losses. 

I see life like the ride on a rollercoaster, there are the ups and the downs, but once you realize you will always end up on firm ground, it can be a lot of fun.