The Truth About Positive Thinking

January 16, 2012 by  
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Positive thinking sells book, newspapers and magazines.  That’s it.

I’m not down on being positive. I’m down on a simplistic approach to finding greater contentment in life. Let me explain what I mean:

I don’t believe repeating I’m beautiful time and time again will actually get me to feel beautiful unless a lot of other personal work gets done.

I don’t believe posting notes all over the house with the words “I’m happy” will actually get me to be happy.

But I do believe in hoping for the best as it takes as much effort to dream of things coming out to our satisfaction as it does the other way around.

I also believe in not attaching such absolute qualities as good or bad to everything that happens. Life is more complex than that.  In every “bad” situation there is a possibility of good. But if we only see it as bad, then that possibility is not available.

Building a sense of gratitude, appreciation and connection with the self, I believe, will give anyone more satisfaction than the old “Don’t worry be happy.”

Repetition in and of itself is just that; repetition.

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Freeing Ourselves From Labels

December 20, 2010 by  
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Humans are obsessed with labels.  I’m not talking about designer labels.  I’m talking about labels we give each other such as: “she’s a very kind person”, “he always does the right thing” or “she’s selfish”.  I think the reason we label one another is to quickly process and identify who others are to us and who we are to them.  But that is a very superficial way to know each other.  We are not labels on a bottle.  We are complex and complicated.

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