Having A Social Experience For Real

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My sister and nieces are visiting from Italy.  My nieces, twins, are fifteen and hooked up on all the gadgets teens love.

I had dinner with them at their rented apartment tonight.  But after dinner as if we all had rehearsed this many times we all went to our computers.  I stayed on for another hour and then said goodbye.  The girls were surprised I was leaving so early but I pointed out we all had been on our computers.

Driving home I thought of my dad always complaining that when we are all visiting him we spend a lot of time on our computers. He and my mom make a point to interrupt me.  They feel we are not connecting.

When I got home, a friend had sent me an article he had seen on a site, http://charactercounts.org/chron/2010/06/16/the-empathy-deficit/ he thought I would enjoy reading.

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Living Life In Our Own Terms

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heart on the beach

heart on the beach

It is so hard to live by the beat of our own drums.  The world around keeps telling us we need to produce and to succeed.  We need to run faster and achieve more than our neighbors.  We have all fallen prey to what we have created ourselves; equating well being with money, power and fame.

So it is hard to maintain equilibrium even when we know to achieve any level of happiness – and that is what we are all looking for right?  – we need to satisfy and energize our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Running as fast as we can thinking more is better creates high levels of dissatisfaction.  I’m not a religious person but I appreciate all religions realizing the need for solitude and meditation for well balanced living.

Multi-tasking while feeling the incredible pressure to succeed turns our lives into stress tanks where we live in full immersion.

We have no time to actually mull over problems, obstacles, and issues.  We have to plow forward.  No time to waste. So our minds don’t get the work out they need.  They are being fed the equivalent of fast food.

We also spend most of our days sitting in front of a computer eating out of brown paper bags and cutting our sleep down in order to produce more.

So to swim away from the current of “more, more, more” it takes self love and being diligent.  It requires believing in ourselves and our inner voices.  It takes saying to ourselves: “I will not run with the bulls.  I will take my time and follow my own intuition.  My path is my own.”

Change has always come from people that belief life should be different.

We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.  ~Jane Austen

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