Connecting To Love On Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

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Angie Rubin

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it – Martin Luther King Jr.

Today marks the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr., an exceptional man who understood violence begets violence.  No one will disagree that MLK had every right to be hateful.  But the pastor knew in hate he would destroy himself and what he was trying to accomplish.  And even though he was murdered what he had set as his life’s goal and mission did come to fruition.   No, we don’t have racial equality today, but we do have laws that protect our ongoing serious discourse. Much has been accomplished and much more needs to happen.

If you think about it, in its essence hate is an emotion of the ego.

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The Magic Of Touching

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Many years ago when I moved to New York from Brazil the thing I missed the most was human touch.  In Brazil, when you meet someone you give them one kiss on each cheek. You hug and hold hands of family members and friends.  And when Brazilians talk to each other there is a lot of hand on hand and hand on shoulder action. So as a newly arrived Brazilian in the US, I had to resort to going to get manicures just to have my hands held.

As I think about it when we were babies; touching and holding is how we communicated and experienced the world.  As we started to walk – an adult holding our hand – gave us the courage and the safety to take those first steps.

When we were kids we touched, pushed and hugged our friends.  When we started dating holding hands became a whole new experience.

I wonder when in this country we become hesitant to touch each other.

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Connecting Through Our Humanity

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Angie Rubin

One of the good things the internet provides us with is a way to connect with others that have the same interests, experiences or simply want to exchange ideas.

When I started The Love Project Inc. in May of 2009, I was looking to share my thoughts and feelings and find others who wanted to do the same.

At that time I had just experienced many emotionally intimate moments with complete strangers and had learned underneath all differences lie all similarities.

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Finding Connection In A Complex World

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By Angie Rubin

We live in a world of many points of view.  We are a planet of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheist and many more.  We are Republicans, Democrats, Anarchists, Independents, Libertarians, Green and Apolitical.  We are men, women, gay, and transgender.  These are the things that set us apart.  What bring us together are love, compassion, understanding, happiness, courage, integrity and decency.

If we peel the onion of segregation we find an all-encompassing heart.  Underneath it all most of us want the same things; food, shelter, safety and love.

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How To Feel More Connected, Centered And Purposeful

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I really like this post by Terry Tillman because it talks about stopping long enough to recognize the existence of others. I see you.

I often thought a lot of the violence in Rio de Janeiro (my birth town) came from the fact the middle and upper middle class in fear and/or desperation of not knowing what to do, chose to ignore the poor living on the streets.  I’m talking about not even look at the street people. The result of that group behavior is that the homeless and the poor became non-people.  But people can’t be non-people for too long, so they steal and kill.  I’m here.  Can you see me now?  Of course this is the extreme of ignoring others.  But think about how we would all profit if we actually were present when we came in contact with others?

Terry Tillman

Recovering Businessman, Seminar Leader, Speaker, Author, Coach, Scout

Remember those scenes in Avatar, when the people of Pandora would look each other in the eye and say, “I see you?” Well, these three little words may have a much deeper meaning–they are part of a time-tested tradition and greeting that we can use today to feel more connected, centered and purposeful.

About 20 years ago I was on a safari in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda). As we traveled through the villages and Serengeti savanna I noticed a recurring event. When one of the indigenous people would approach another, they would pause, face each other, look directly in each others eyes for five to15 seconds, say something and then continue on their way. This would happen in populated villages and in very remote areas where there may be only one human every 20 square miles.

After a couple weeks of noticing this I asked one of our guides from the Samburu tribe what the natives were doing. He said they were greeting each other. “How are they doing that? What are they saying?” I asked.

“One of them says, ‘I see you.’ Connecting through the eyes, the other replies, ‘I am here.'”

This touched me. I’ve traveled to and worked in 94 countries so far and have seen many different customary greetings–hand shakes, bowing, kissing on cheeks one, two or three times, hugging, touching foreheads … but none quite like this. I have a file I call “Fancy Stuff” for things that tickle my fancy, and that illustrate or demonstrate a truth or useful principle. This goes in that file…Continued


My First Video Blog

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The Building Blocks Of Connection.

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I have just read an interesting blog about connecting with others.  Here’s the address

Although her presentation is based on the relationship between a baby and the parents, I find the points raised worth while in self-reflection. Write in and let me if it resonates.


Get Here (If You Can)…

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Many of us over forty will  recall this melodic plea made by Oleta Adams several decades ago.  The lyric suggests from one lover to another, that  they must be together by any means necessary … no matter what it takes:

          ” You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway

          You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind
          You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
          I don’t care how you get here, just- get here if you can … ”

                                                                               (Songwriter, Brenda Russell)

Undoubtedly, an all-time favorite for me, the theme is not hard to miss … it’s about expediency   it’s about connecting (for those well under forty, it’s about “hookin’ up”) … it’s about now.  Notice the lyric ascribes to making that “connection” not just mechanically, but mentally. Personally, I interpret it on yet another level, a level of spirituality.

Love is not just about being with someone or thinking of being with someone … it’s that and more.  It’s about being about the other being (you may want read that to yourself?).  It’s about setting no limits or boundaries on your kindness and compassion, your generosity and commitment, your support and care.  It’s like water, you can’t live without it.  So matter how you do it,  that love can be flown in, emailed in, called in, thought in; whatever the method, the intended recipient will get it, every time. 

No matter what the distance is or no matter how much time there is between you, when love is sent, it is received.  So with that said, I would suggest to the songwriter that (If You Can) as part of the title is more than parenthetical, it is truly unnecessary.   No airline, no law, no misunderstanding, no one … can stop love from being given to you or being offered by you.