Positive Thinking; Does It Work?

June 1, 2010 by  
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Flowers Carolina 2I believe in positive thinking.  I believe in our ability to truly change ours lives.  I believe in finding a level of contentment in life where we feel mostly inspired.  But I also believe in building a life on a solid foundation.

I think reading affirmations is a good way to trick our brain into thinking positive when sometimes they might have gone negative.  I think it can actually work for sometime but if a foundation is not there most likely we will either get bored with the affirmations or they will stop working. That’s my beef with the whole just be positive industry.   It offers treatments for the symptoms without offering to treat the “diseases” and affirmations are just an example of that.

We are all on a path of transformation wanting or not, liking or not.  That’s life.  Every second something happens, we make decisions, we have feelings and we interpret stimuli.

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