Reminding Ourselves To Look At The Positive

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Yesterday, I woke up at 6am, made coffee, and went through in my mind over all the things I needed to do before catching a plane to Florida.

I then sat down at my desk placed my cup next to my computer and thought I wanted to write about romantic love. I let my mind wonder and my heart remember the thrill of meeting someone who makes our heart skip a beat.   But before I could type the first word, coffee was flying everywhere including on my computer.  I had knocked my cup over. I went for a towel and quickly cleaned it all up but by then some keys on my keyboard no longer worked.  I thought maybe there was still some coffee inside my computer.  I looked for a screwdriver but couldn’t find one small enough to open the back of the computer so I picked up a Swiss Army Knife put the blade against the screw but instead of getting the back open I slashed my finger when the blade slid from the screw.

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Organ Donation, A Seriours Matter

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I know organs and politics is a bit outside the scope of The Love Project but please indulge me today.

I just read about an article published in a Swedish newspaper saying that Israeli soldiers were removing organs from dead Palestinians.  I find this article outrageous.  It is based on the account of families whose loved ones died in battle with Israelis and I’m sorry for all the useless deaths.

But it seems that the Israeli army has a policy of conducting autopsies on Palestinians killed in battle.  I don’t really know the reason but it might be that the authorities want to make sure the killings are not executions.  But truthfully I don’t know.  But one thing I do know; autopsies result in scars. 

So this free lance journalist, Donald Bostrom, says in his piece ( that the Palestinians families told him their loved ones bodies came back with stitches (yeah?) and that proves organs are being removed.

I think Donald’s piece is meant to create a scandal to simply promote him.  All of a sudden this journalist that no one has ever heard of is making his name known. 

Anyway, moving past that, I’m going to broach a sensitive subject, that of organ transplant.  My husband got an additional 2 ½ years of life because we were able to get him a liver transplant.  But for that we had to move to Jacksonville Florida and wait till almost death was embracing him.  Many in his situation were not as lucky.

Today, August 19, 2009 there are 103,133 people waiting for an organ donation in the United States alone and unfortunately a high percentage of them will die without the chance for a second chance. 

But how many people die every day?  Do they need their organs?  Couldn’t the deaths offset the need for organs?

Let me tell you what my husband and I did in the 2 ½ years he got from his donor: we got married, we built a wine cellar (we were both passionate about wine), we re-did our garden, he got to see me produce a film I had fought so hard to make and we loved each other fully and completely. 

I wish people would donate the organs of their loved ones when they no longer need them. 

I wished we as a people would be more loving towards others in need.  I am signed up with the California organ donation and I also have it in my will, that every part of me that is still usable when I die should go to someone that could make good use of it.

I don’t think the Israeli army is contrabanding organs, but isn’t it time that we start thinking a little bit more about the people that are in need instead of the ones that are gone?  Let me know what you think.