Finding Balance Between the Opposites

September 5, 2010 by  
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Angie Rubin

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”  – Rumi

Being human is complex.  Within each one of us there is a whole world of rights, wrongs, beautiful, ugly, attractive, sad and happy.  We form ideas; “this is the way being right is”, “this is the way being wrong is” and we become rigid in the word we create.

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Courage To Live Life

March 14, 2010 by  
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Whoever has said to you that there is a way to live life always feeling great – I’m sorry to say – was lying to you.  There is too much going on around and within us for us to always feel good.  There is our brain chemistry, the curves life throws us, and our own expectations to make sure there are ups and downs.

Some days I feel blue.  Some days I feel really blue.  Only three years ago I had the perfect life and I was content. I still had dreams and ambitions but I felt I had arrived in a place that I could be mostly happy.  But then my husband died and with him my perfect life. Like me there are billions of people who lost their “perfect life” or are still looking for it.

My point is; we can’t control what life brings us but we can, one step at a time, comprehend ourselves, the randomness of life and just like a master carpenter we can rearrange or rebuilt every time.  We can learn to move through the tough times with more wisdom, appreciating what we still have and who we still are.

Some days the memory of the pain my husband and I went through hurts like it just happened but I have learned to breathe through it and accept its existence.  And in those days I try to move a little slower, and I look for things and people that fill me up; a beautiful day, my garden, a nice meal, my dogs, a special friend.

So here is the truth; some times life is hurtful but within hurtful life there are many gifts that can help us navigate through the pain.  So if I was to give anyone advice I would tell them; don’t worry about always being well and happy.  Embrace life with all its ups and downs but know you have within you the strength as well as the medicine to your own ailment, whatever that is.  Trust the process of life, slow down and check in with yourself on a daily basis. You are your best friend and the most loyal companion you’ll ever have.

I remember years ago when I still lived in NYC, being on bus and seeing outside a church a sign that said: There are pebbles in a stream so that the water can make its beautiful sounds as it moves through the pebbles.

I believe true contentment comes from knowing ourselves and that takes courage. It takes courage to see who we are and still embrace ourselves. And once we can do that we are ready to live life fully.

Happy Sunday!