How to Get Off The Rat Race

November 16, 2010 by  
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Much is being said about the impact our digital and virtual world is having on us, a generation having to adapt, and the younger people who have never known the world to be any different.

I’m one who loves the web.  I read, research, communicate and shop online.  Sometimes I find myself spending hours in an intimate relationship with the knowledge I find in the virtual world.  Having said that, I also spend plenty of time sitting quietly in my yard.  I have also learned to notice the trees and the people in my neighborhood and know each new day what the moon looked like the night before.

Finding balance in this fast and interconnected world is key to well-being.   No matter who we are, human beings need to love, feel loved and to belong.  No wealth of information will ever substitute these basic and most profound needs.  We may look more modern than our cave ancestors but the spark of life is still the same.  Take time to soak in all the gifts that life gives you on a daily basis. Much can be gotten from simplicity.

Below is a post by Geir Berthelsen that encourages slowing down and changing our corporate mind set which promotes quantity over quality.  Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: Geir Berthelsen is a motivational speaker and founder of the think tank The World Institute of Slowness, which promotes “slow” awareness and activities around the globe.

(CNN) — The Industrial Revolution gave us many good things, among them the ability to create large, great cities and feeding enough people to populate them.

But in its aftermath our culture has developed a core focus based on the consumer and not the person as the individual.

As a consequence we have adopted a corporate mind-set which is long on quantity, short on quality, and even shorter on slowness…Continued