Energize Your Life

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Photo By Angie Rubin

What are your dreams? What do you want to achieve? What’s important to you?

Having something to work towards, to channel our energies, to dream about is the gas that keeps life’s engine running.  Achieving our exact goals in the manner in which we have dreamed is not as important as having something to work towards that excites us.  These goals don’t have to be lofty.  They can go from buying a house to simply and profoundly living fully in the present.

Without something to “fight” about our lives can easily turn into a merry-go-round of task after task. Life then becomes something we must do instead of an opportunity to learn about ourselves, to grow, and to fully engage.

When we are children we dream about being dancers, firefighters or presidents.  As young adults we imagine how we are going to be successful in business and/or in love.

Unfortunately as the obstacles start to mount – as they often do – many of us simply give up on what we first dreamed about without replacing the empty spots with something else.

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Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself

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Make Your Life Be What You Dream

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For a great part of my life I heard people telling me: “You dream too big. Lower your expectations and you will be happier.”  In a way it makes sense, right? If I lower my expectations I have to achieve less, and therefore when I do get to achieve the lesser expectations I’ll be completely happy.  It sounds cohesive, but it is fundamentally wrong.  The dreams we have is what fuels us to get up, research, investigate, invest, think, struggle, cry, and laugh.  The dreams we have is what makes our journey a series of vibrant experiences.  Lowering our expectations means giving up on what fuels us.

The point is; it doesn’t matter if we achieve everything we set ourselves out to.  What matters is that we keep on creating goals and dreams to be our destination, the bigger the dream the bigger the journey.

Don’t sell yourself short.  If you are surrounded by people who want to damp your greater dreams, befriend others that will support you on your journey.

Life is about experiences.  How we plot to get where we want to go and how we deal with the successes and the obstacles.

Just make sure your goals are worthwhile. Don’t waste your life by dreaming about becoming famous just for the sake of it.  Let being famous become a consequence of some worthwhile endeavor.  If you dream about being rich, make being rich a consequence of something amazing that is going to change the way people see themselves and live their lives.  Why not? Dream big and live big.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined – Henry David Thoreau

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.


Want To Be Free? Let Go Of Results

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“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  – John Lennon

I’m always in a hurry.  I want things to happen yesterday, and when they don’t I get frustrated and unhappy.  I have been aware of this shortcoming of mine for a long time without having been completely successful in changing my level of expectation.  But, I do have succeeded in tampering it quite a bit.  And I believe I’m close to the finish line to living in the moment and letting go of results.  And that is what I want to share.

In my journey I first realized four things:

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Grandmother Helping Chicago Kids Off The Block

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Caring about others have the power to change lives especially our own.


How To Have Successful Relationships

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Angie Rubin

It’s hard to learn to accept others exactly as they are.   If it is a romantic relationship, we see the potential and we want to help our partner get there.  If it is a friend or a family member we want them to have the behavior we would have if faced with the same situation. In both cases, if we don’t realize people are different we are destined to have many disagreements and disappointments.

We see and judge the world in a very personal way and we often forget that others see things in different ways.  Of course I’m not talking about a group of people thinking it is wrong to rob a bank and another group thinking it is okay.  Robbing a bank it’s wrong, period.  But how we react to pain, challenge, and accomplishments is personal.  In the case of pain some of us might get reckless, or depressed, or go into complete denial.  Some of us like to be surrounded by others while others like to be left alone.  There is no right or wrong.  It is always how we see and process things.

There is also the issue of our own ego.  We become peeved when what we are saying is not taken to heart.  How many times have we said or listened to someone else say:  This is what’s going on and this is how you fix it” only to get upset and frustrated when the advice is not taken to heart?

When it comes to romantic relationships, the lack of acceptance becomes even more of an issue because what happens to one person affects the other.  Becoming interested in someone because we think XYZ about them – which bother us – will change once we have the opportunity to work on them, it’s a big mistake.  People are the way they are.  Either you love them as they are or not.

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The Paradox Of Success

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Good post by Roger Fransecky on the Huffington Post on the push and pull of work or personal happiness.

“We are wired to be goal-striving creatures who quest for the prize: the corner office with a breathtaking view, the new BMW 7 series, the prom queen with a Harvard MBA, the staggering bonus, seat 2A, the hole in one.

But the past few decades have been unkind to our definitions of “winning.” Our politics are arm-wrestled by pragmatists eager to appear on “Meet the Press,” who fear change and would rather tweak policy at the shadowy edges. In management we hunger for new ideas and inspiration from the parallel streams of business authors and wily gurus, and we are, too often, left undernourished…Continue


A Special Email

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Today I received an email from someone that had visited the site.  She mentioned being “nudged” by me to start writing again.  She had written a couple of books in the past and now was a French professor.

While this woman was obviously very accomplished she had also gone through many trials in her life. Events seemed to have taken the life out of her writing and so she hadn’t written anything for a few years.

How amazing that with words I was able to impact someone in a positive way.  How amazing that her email made me so satisfied.  It was not about my ego but about succeeding in doing something that was so important to me.  The Love Project was and is for me and hopefully for others, a way to focus on the positive.

I know it may sound corny or contrived but I had lost some much that I came to a point that all I wanted was to change the focus in my life.  I have not become a smiling fool.  I hurt and I get frustrated like everybody else but there is a difference; I stop to think if my being upset is really worth what is happening and I must confess in most cases it isn’t.

Life doesn’t change in its goal to keep putting obstacles in our way but what can change is how we go about overcoming them. 

I don’t know what the future will be like and who I will be but for now I’m trying to embrace all that is good within me and share with others.