Australian Flood Teen’s Sacrifice To Save Brother

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Gifford’s Hero Springs Into Action After Shooting

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People react in different ways to adversity and tragedy. Some are able to put their own fears aside and go to the rescue of others. Such a person is Daniel Hernandez, Gifford’s intern.


Ricky Martin Giving A Voice

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(CNN) — Grammy Award-winning artist Ricky Martin has long been passionate about helping others, serving as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and working with Habitat for Humanity.

But his main charitable focus is the Ricky Martin Foundation, which he founded to advocate for children around the world.

This year, Martin served on the Blue Ribbon Panel that selected the Top 10 CNN Heroes of the Year. He recently spoke to CNN about the Heroes campaign and his philanthropy. Below are excerpts from that interview.

CNN: What’s the mission of the Ricky Martin Foundation?…Continued


Giving With Love To Others In Need

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Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if each on of us did something for another? Watch this inspiring story of a raising chef feeding the homeless with love and commitment.


Taking Education To The Poor

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Rescue In The Water

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How the quick thinking of three college women saved the life of an experienced fisherman.

By Jason Kersten

Mike McClure waded into Sarasota Bay for a little fishing on a beautiful day last April. The 67-year-old retired youth counselor had been angling in Florida’s intracoastal waters for years. This afternoon, the water off the New College of Florida campus was shallow enough at low tide that McClure could easily walk 100 yards offshore and cast his line in any direction. Sporting waders that reached up to his chest, he worked his way south down a sandbar, searching for his first nibble of the day.


“I was just enjoying the heck out of the experience,” says McClure.

Near sunset, still without a fish, he decided to turn back. Rather than retrace his earlier course, though, he chose a more direct path toward shore, assuming the bay wouldn’t get deeper along the way. Instead, it had become an impassable trough, and he was trapped. “When I turned around and realized that the water was getting close to my waist, I just felt so alone,” he remembers. He tried to wade along different angles, but shallower water eluded him. Finally, he decided his safest option was to head straight for land and hope for the best.

“Within about five steps, the water was coming in through the top of the waders,” says McClure.

He felt the deadweight of the flooding waders pulling him down and knew that if he didn’t get out of them, he would drown. Thinking fast, he dropped his fishing rod, then lifted his legs to try to kick his way out of the waders. Instead, they pulled him completely below the surface. Thrashing, he started swallowing water. At the same time, the current caught him, and he could no longer touch bottom.

From left: Loren Niurka Mora, Caitlin Petro, and Eliza Cameron at  Sarasota Bay
Photographed by Preston C. Mack/Redux
From left: Loren Niurka Mora, Caitlin Petro, and Eliza Cameron at Sarasota Bay

Back onshore, Eliza Cameron, 19, Loren Niurka Mora, 20, and Caitlin Petro, 20, had been watching McClure fish?as they lounged on a patch of grass after a long week of classes. They saw McClure go under and then heard him cry, “Help!” His head was back above the water, but he was still trapped in the waders, and he was losing his breath…Continued


Every Day Heroes

Often heroes are people that care about and love us.  They make us feel safe and protected.  We can all be heroes by being present in people’s lives.

Read what school kids had to say about who their heroes are.  This essay contest was organized by the ThinkQuest team.

For additional essays go to:

DiodatiA hero is a person that you think is special. Most people think a hero is somebody that saves people. That is not true. A hero is really any person you think is special. You could be a hero. But I picked my great-grandmother because I think she is very, very special. When you are hurt or sick she is always there for you. If you are mad and need a little talk, she is right by your side. Also, when we go over her house she plays with us. We either play cards or play with her dolls. But, I don’t care what we play because what makes the game fun, is that my great-grandmother is there. She is also very funny. Once at Halloween she pretended she was a vampire!

Her favorite place to go is to the beach with me. We swim or find animals. It is always the best place to go. Sometimes I go to her house and watch scary movies. I love her so very much! I don’t know how I could live without her!

Rachel Diodati Grade 3

A Survivor

HowardThere have been a lot of heroes over the past. People think that you have to be strong to be a hero. (That’s not true.) There are a lot of heroes just like you and me. Hercules is a hero. But, did you know that heroes really don’t have to be s SUPER HERO!?

I have a hero. His name is Leonard Corcoran, and he is a grandfather, a husband, a carpenter and a survivor of World War II. He was in the army and he survived! He is healthy and lives a good life. After his experience in World War II he fell in love with Ruth. They got married and are now living in Bradford, Massachusetts. They have more than eight wonderful grandchildren. They go on family trips and are having no trouble at all surviving the rest of their adventures in life.

He plays with me and tells me that he will teach me how to make things with wood and how to put things together. We will try to make the best fun out of the years to come. He is getting older and has a hearing aide. I believe in him and and I have trust in him. I hope he will live and be active for a long time.

He is my hero, my grandfather, a husband, a carpenter and A SURVIVOR!

Molly Howard Grade 3


Back On My Feet

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A Bus Driver Who Has Served Over 90.000 Meals For Free

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Jorge Munoz, a bus driver, giving with his family to the Queens hungry.


Subway Hero

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wesley-autreyWesley Autrey, a 50-year-old construction worker and Navy veteran, was waiting for the downtown local at 137th Street and Broadway in Manhattan around 12:45 p.m. He was taking his two daughters, Syshe, 4, and Shuqui, 6, home before work.

Nearby, Cameron Hollopeter,20, collapsed, his body convulsing. Mr. Autrey and two women rushed to help. Cameron managed to get up, but then stumbled to the platform edge and fell to the tracks, between the two rails.

The headlights of the No. 1 train appeared and in a split decision Mr. Autrey jumped onto the tracks.

Mr. Autrey lay on Mr. Hollopeter, pressing him down in a space roughly a foot deep. The train’s brakes screeched, but it could not stop in time.

Five cars rolled overhead before the train stopped, the cars passing inches from his head. When the train finally stopped, Mr. Autrey  yelled: “We’re O.K. down here, I’ve got two daughters up there. Let them know their father’s O.K.” People on the platform broke out in applause.

Power was cut, and workers got them out. Mr. Hollopeter, a student at the New York Film Academy, was taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. The police said it appeared that Mr. Hollopeter had suffered a seizure.

Mr. Autrey refused medical help, because, he said, nothing was wrong. He did visit Mr. Hollopeter in the hospital before heading to his night shift. “I don’t feel like I did something spectacular; I just saw someone who needed help,” Mr. Autrey said. “I did what I felt was right.”


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