International Women’s Day

March 8, 2010 by  
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Today is International Women’s Day. I have to confess I’ve never paid much attention to this day or what it meant until recently.  I’ve always been aware of differences between men and women when it came to earnings or in work situations, where women have to assert themselves to survive in the “boy’s club”.  But my thinking was very limited.  It lived in a developed country and in a middle class environment. International Women’s Day is not about men opening doors for women or who is picking up the check, or our right to wear short skirts without being bothered. International Women’s Day is about the discrepancy between the percentage of women in the work force and the percentage of wealth we hold.  It is also about our right to make decisions on how to live our lives, our rights to our bodies and education.

With all the advancements in communication and the interconnectedness of the world, we are now fully aware of how women are treated in many parts of the world and it is hard to fandom and impossible to accept.  No woman should be stripped from her sexual pleasure.  No woman should be made into a slave. No woman should be made into an object and every woman is entitled to an education.

I know it is a huge issue to tackle.  Centuries of behavior that needs to change but we can do it; one step at a time.

Tonight, I’m one of the organizers of an event which will have a number of actors reading the writings of Afghan women who are stripped of every liberty awarded to men and are under complete control of either the Taliban or their own family. Tonight we will read their words and thus give them voice and hope the more we hear their voice the more we will empower them and us to make a change.

Let’s do something meaningful today to let the world know we care. Bringing freedom and equality to women is at the center of our survival.