The Magic Of Touching

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Many years ago when I moved to New York from Brazil the thing I missed the most was human touch.  In Brazil, when you meet someone you give them one kiss on each cheek. You hug and hold hands of family members and friends.  And when Brazilians talk to each other there is a lot of hand on hand and hand on shoulder action. So as a newly arrived Brazilian in the US, I had to resort to going to get manicures just to have my hands held.

As I think about it when we were babies; touching and holding is how we communicated and experienced the world.  As we started to walk – an adult holding our hand – gave us the courage and the safety to take those first steps.

When we were kids we touched, pushed and hugged our friends.  When we started dating holding hands became a whole new experience.

I wonder when in this country we become hesitant to touch each other.

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Ten Great Things To Do To Lift Up Our Spirits

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1                    – If you have a yard, sit outside on a comfortable chair to read a good book. If you don’t have a yard, take a blanket to your nearest park and don’t forget to add a picnic.

2                    – If you have dogs, take them out for a walk or a hike to a place you’ve never been to.  Make this an event for both you and your animals as you discover new streets and parks.  Enjoy you dogs’ happiness.

3                    – Invite friends for dinner.  Make it a pot luck so you don’t get stuck in the kitchen.

4                    – Get a massage. Always a great way to distress.

5                    –  If you have kids, a picnic at a park, beach or your own back yard is always fun

6                    –  If you have a partner, time to set time aside for each other.  What about a massage or a glass of wine? What about just kissing?  Remember how the first kiss was full of emotions? Give yourself and your partner time to kiss. And don’t forget to be present.

7                    – If you enjoy cooking, go to the market, plan a really great meal and invite a few of your very close friends.

8                    – Go for a drive.  If you live near the beach or the mountains, this is a perfect way to distress.  Driving also has the psychological benefit of making us feel like we’re moving forward. Of course make sure to pick a route you won’t get caught in traffic.

9                    – What about horseback riding?

10                – Do you have potted plants? Could they use repotting? Do you have a garden?