Ten Great Things To Do To Lift Up Our Spirits

March 13, 2010 by  
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1                    – If you have a yard, sit outside on a comfortable chair to read a good book. If you don’t have a yard, take a blanket to your nearest park and don’t forget to add a picnic.

2                    – If you have dogs, take them out for a walk or a hike to a place you’ve never been to.  Make this an event for both you and your animals as you discover new streets and parks.  Enjoy you dogs’ happiness.

3                    – Invite friends for dinner.  Make it a pot luck so you don’t get stuck in the kitchen.

4                    – Get a massage. Always a great way to distress.

5                    –  If you have kids, a picnic at a park, beach or your own back yard is always fun

6                    –  If you have a partner, time to set time aside for each other.  What about a massage or a glass of wine? What about just kissing?  Remember how the first kiss was full of emotions? Give yourself and your partner time to kiss. And don’t forget to be present.

7                    – If you enjoy cooking, go to the market, plan a really great meal and invite a few of your very close friends.

8                    – Go for a drive.  If you live near the beach or the mountains, this is a perfect way to distress.  Driving also has the psychological benefit of making us feel like we’re moving forward. Of course make sure to pick a route you won’t get caught in traffic.

9                    – What about horseback riding?

10                – Do you have potted plants? Could they use repotting? Do you have a garden?