Don’t Let Computers And Gadgets Take Over Your Life

December 8, 2010 by  
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Computers, smartphones, iPads and others, are all great communication and entertainment gadgets.  But what are the consequences of our complete enslavement to them?  Our lives have become so dependent on technology that we basically have to shut down when our internet isn’t working or our smartphone goes MIA.

How common has become the scenario of people walking by each other without any sign of acknowledgment because they are on their phones?  Or what about smartphones adorning tables at restaurants?

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Just Do It, Unplug Now

May 6, 2010 by  
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There is so much to write about unplugging but before I start typing away, let me make a disclaimer: I’m not a new age anything. There are no crystals under my bed and I don’t know if my house is Feng Shui acceptable or not. But I am a woman who has lived on this planet for more years than I care to share and who is in constant search of a meaningful life.

Having said that, I must now say I am a true believer of unplugging. We all know that “more” does not equal “better”. So why do we all have bought into this idea that if we aren’t busy and reachable 24/7, we are unproductive or even worse; things aren’t going to happen?

We have to realize that all this running around, holding on to mobile phones, computers, internet, and trying to keep up with everything, is leaving us, our families and friends behind. We are also jeopardizing the quality of our creativity, love and sexuality – life’s energy sources – because these feelings and inspirations need space, calm and attention to thrive.

Technology is a great advancement in human development but it is meant to be in addition to our relationships to ourselves and others and not instead of. The result is today we are a nation of stressed out overachievers without having become an ounce happier.

Every research done on happiness points to the following ingredients for achievement: a feeling of being loved and belonging, time to connect with others and nature, and a healthy relationship to self. But who can reach any of that if we can’t put our smart phones aside for even a moment?

If you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, you have to ask yourself is it worth being known as someone who is always on the go? Think about it and hopefully the answer will most likely be no.

Once you decide something needs to change the next thing is how, and here is the great thing: you don’t need to totally change who you are and what you do to decompress on a daily basis and have a more fulfilling life. What you need to do is find what is in your life that brings you calm and satisfaction and do it every day. I’m not talking about travelling to the Himalayans or spending a day at the spa. I’m talking about things that are easy and inexpensive to do.

For me decompressing is sitting outside in my yard and being quiet, even if it is only for 10 minutes. I have a very close relationship with my house so sitting outside and listening to the birds with my eyes closed, feeling the sun and the breeze grounds and brings me peace. I also love wine and food but if I throw some food on my plate and wine in a glass and eat and drink like I haven’t in a year, the magic is gone. So I unplug by taking the time to prepare and taste my food and my wine. I give it the attention and the intention to make it special.

These small actions have the power to slow me down and make me “be” in the present. And when I am in the moment, I don’t worry about the past, because it’s gone, or the future, because it has not happened yet. Being in the moment is healing and has the power to regenerate us. It is active meditation.

There is no race to be won; there is only life to be fully lived. Remember the old saying: “you can’t take it when you die”. What you do take is how you felt and how you made other people feel.

So when you have mastered the short time unplugs go for the gold and take a full day off by putting your phone and computer aside. It will be life changing.