Finding Contentment in Seizing the Moment

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Making Our Personal History Count

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Everybody needs his memories.  They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.  ~Saul Bellow

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine from NY – who I had not seen in three years – came over with her 14 year-old and her 7 year-old sons to have dinner with me.

I asked my friend if her boys were having a good time in LA.  She said the young one was but her teen was complaining about not being back in NY with his friends.   After thinking for a minute my friend added she thought her son would in the future look back at this trip and actually think of it with fondness.  “It will be part of his memories and history”, she said.

After they left I thought about her comment.  How many experiences we all have that while we are going through them we fail to give the attention they deserve?

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Dealing With Changes and The Past

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I have always been a person who has had a talent for adapting to new circumstances.   I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lived in NYC and now live in Los Angeles.

I have left my family behind (when I moved to NYC), a bad relationship (when I left NY) and now in Los Angeles I live as a widow.

When I was growing up, I was an outstanding student and everyone thought I would get to do something that involved mathematics and physics but I ended up getting involved with the arts.

As I struggled through the years to make a living, I often heard how I had wasted my talents in a life that to outsiders seemed to be very hard and without the chances of bringing the success they were sure I would have had if I had followed the scientific path.

I must confess, I too, when life got really hard, thought I had made a mistake and wished I could have gone back in time and done things differently.

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Inspirational Message

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I don’t know much about Innerlinks but thought this particular message was worth sharing.


Let go of all that keeps you in the past or takes you into the future. This may include control, expectations, inhibitions, worry or an outdated self-image.

At the core of every unhealthy behavior is a misconception about life and the way energies really work. We unknowingly make conclusions that contract our awareness and hold these behaviors in place. We get overloaded with images, sounds, moods and the many sensations we pick up from our daily interactions with people and places.

We are now living in a time of unprecedented opportunities to evolve spiritually. As the energy accelerates, it stimulates the unconscious and compromises, resignations, and feelings of loss cannot remain suppressed any longer. As these surface and become conscious, we can briefly review them and let go of the outdated misperceptions and fixed decisions we made prematurely — some even before we learned to speak.

Our work now is to free ourselves from suffering by dissolving contracted feelings, unlearning old habits and developing new ones from our soul’s perspective. By continuously choosing to shift into the present moment, to a fresh space where we let go of our personal history and call forth the soul’s reality, we undergo a truly heroic transformation.

It is not a long linear process to our best self. The old world is slow and filled with gaps of separation and the need to dwell on the past. On the other hand, the new world is fast and based on interconnectedness, intuitive promptings, and courageous movement.

We are all at a turning point, one that requires each of us to release readily what no longer serves and prioritize our energies, focus, and actions in the world. And, the invitation is ongoing to set aside our doubts, preconditions, and impatience and choose instead to feel connected to life, flow, and synchronicity.


Flying Down To Rio

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I am on a plane on my way down to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I was born in Rio.  It was there that I was first kissed and it was there that I first made love.   But I’m not going to Rio to kiss or to make love; I’m going to Rio for my father’s eighty fifth birthday and to work.  My father’s birthday is self explanatory my work isn’t, so let me spend a couple of seconds here.  I’m going to Rio to produce a segment of a film that has already shot in Toronto, Tokyo, and Berlin.  The last leg of this film – a dance film – is Rio and I’m producing it.

Going to Rio is always complicated for me; I have too much history there but at this point of my life I consider myself more American than Brazilian. 

Travelling really brings to a head the concept of living in the moment.  Travelling takes you out of your day to day environment and plops you into a different existence.   I won’t be back to my “regular” life for another five weeks.  Not a very long time but not a short time as well.

When I got to the airport I started to catch up on the phone calls I had not returned for the last couple of days.  One of them was to a Brazilian friend, actually a childhood friend, who now lives in Miami.  He said: “relax, you’ll be swimming in the ocean in a couple of days.”  I told him: “What do you mean? Like when I’m wearing my bikini and my skin is dropping everywhere?  How can I go to the beach with all the gorgeous women there wearing their bikinis?  If you were walking down the beach and you saw me and a twenty year old, who would you want?” To that my friend answered “ I would have sex with the twenty year old and then I would talk to you.”  “But what about me having sex?”  Now I was insulted.  Wasn’t I worthy of sex?  Mind you I haven’t had any in a year and a half.”  So he said the most amazing thing: “While we were talking you would say that you were interested in sex and I would by then be captivated by your intelligence, life experience besides your physical beauty – which attracted me to you to begin with – that I would consider myself a very lucky man.” 

As we go through life we are constantly thrown into life; new people, experiences and challenges.  Being in the moment, letting the past be the past and the future be affected by the present is the secret to going through it all.  It is hard and it is scary but the truth is, there is no other way. 



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I’m reading a book “No One You Know” by Michelle Richmond.  In it she has a phrase to describe a character “I could tell he was a person who lived at ease in the world…”

Somehow that phrase made me stop reading and think about myself.  I like me. I like who I’ve become and I like my place in this world.  I like my home and I feel energized about the many possibilities that lay ahead.

I’ve lost what was most important to me, and I grieve for that, but ahead of me I have a new beginning a new start.

I also no longer worry about what it will be.  I actually welcome it with a certain level of excitement. 

A childhood friend sent me an email saying she misses our times together when we were young.  That struck me as odd.  So much life has happened since and so much life is still ahead, why miss the past?

Of course the past is what got us where we are and who we are but that’s what it is; the past.

I’m much more interested in who I will become and how I’ll deal with the next set of emotions, thoughts, wins and losses. 

I see life like the ride on a rollercoaster, there are the ups and the downs, but once you realize you will always end up on firm ground, it can be a lot of fun.