Redefining Success

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Excellent post by Douglas LaBier on today’s Huffington Post.

It talks about a movement of change and transformation taking place today.  A shift of values in the midst of wars and instability.  It is a significant time in human history where we have the chance to find more fulfilling ways to spend our lives.  We are talking about meaning.  And we are all participating in this moment either passively or actively.

The values bought by our society of personal power and success as being the goals to achieve are being debunked.  We now know being rich and powerful alone does not bring personal satisfaction and meaning to anyone.

As our world becomes intimately interconnected we become more aware of different cultures and ways of living. We realize living just for ourselves is a path to hollowness and dissatisfaction.  So much to do and so much to learn that involves only our interest and curiosity without the chains that keeps us searching for the next step up on the ladder.

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In Love With Being A Woman

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It’s taken me a long time to say but here it goes: I like being a woman.  I actually love being a woman and it is a good thing because I am a woman.

Until my thirties I was always jealous of men.  I thought they were strong and in control.  I guess I didn’t think I was.  I even used to dream of being a man.  To me men were independent and didn’t have to worry about aging.  I’ve never been into shopping or make up or any girlie stuff and actually enjoyed playing the tough chick, like don’t mess with me kind of a motto. So I thought being a man would have been a better fit.

Somehow in my thirties I started to make peace with being a woman and lessen my need to be a tough chick. I still didn’t totally love being a woman , but I started kind of liking it.  I think one of the things that held me back in completely loving being a woman was how much more interested in a relationship we are than men – which puts them in the driver’s seat.  And in my thirties I was lonely and kept thinking if I only had a prince to save me, all would be well.

Recently though, I have found out that I absolutely love being a woman.  I think I have finally come into my own, which means my own sense of worth and power.  I don’t mean power to dominate but power to be who I am.  I have also realized how much posturing a man does when they are insecure.  They can become so macho like and if you think about it, it is actually quite charming.  So a lot of their strength can be sometimes just a way to cover up insecurities.  We girls don’t need to do that.

Anyway, when you know who you are and what you need you have amazing personal power and that is so attractive.  So as a woman you can actually step back and watch the dynamics that play out – the male/female.

I have not been with another man besides my husband for six and a half years but because I have been and have honored myself as a woman, I no longer have the despair I once had for a relationship.  I now know when I start dating again things will be different.  I now feel a commitment and respect to myself I have never had before.

My aim of today is to be as happy as I can and not think too much about the future and just let it be, like only a woman can.