Earth Day

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April 22, is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and it will be celebrated from coast-to-coast. Earth day was first realized by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who wanted to find a way to increase environmental awareness and to promote urgently needed federal legislation to deal with an alarming ecological crisis.

When the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, when a chorus of demonstrators around the nation (some 20 million strong) voiced their concerns about the environment, specifically about the pollution of air and water, a significant amount of federal legislation was passed to protect the environment.

But how much more needs to be done?  Plenty.  Just look at our waters and the climate changes taking place.  We can all chip in to help stop the march of environmental losses by recycling, taking shorter showers, and being conscious of the electricity we use.

The Navy will launch a test flight of a F/A-18 jet called the Green Hornet tomorrow off over the Chesapeake Bay.  The twin-engine tactical aircraft is prepared to make a supersonic flight on biofuel — its tanks filled 50 percent with oil refined from the crushed seeds of the flowering Camelina sativa plant.

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