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memory_thumb_1Just the sound of the word sends chills down my spine.  Despair is when you look around and there seems to be no way out.  Despair is when pain has taken a hold of us and wont’ let go.  I have been there and I know its shape, weight, and smell.  I know it well.

I do Yoga.  Sometimes we get into positions where supposedly a small number of muscles are asked to support our entire body weight for a few minutes and it feels like an eternity.  Our first reaction is to tense up.  Somehow the body thinks that if it tenses up it will make the task easier but instead the tension makes it almost impossible to hold the position.  It is then I tell my body to let go.  To release into the position.  It is then I take deep breaths and engage my entire body in supporting the position.

And so it is with despair.  When pain grabs hold of us we have to release into it.  There is no point in fighting it.  It hurts, so we breathe deeply and release into it.  We acknowledge its existence – trying to run away will only add to its power – and we remind ourselves that we are only in this position for awhile.  Soon life, just like the Yoga teacher, will move us to another position.