Sexual Encounters And Intuition

July 6, 2010 by  
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Any sexual encounter requires some unveiling of ourselves.  Even the one-night stand does. We become physically naked, open about our desires, and often feel the pressure to perform; men to show off their skills at lovemaking and women to show their pleasure.

Adding to all of it are such questions as: What does this sex mean to this relationship? Will this last?  Is this right for me? What is he or she going to think of me?  And when the lovemaking ends and our excitement subside we find ourselves living in a completely different relationship than the one we had before.

How can we navigate these waters without having the feeling of losing our balance?

1      – inner-equilibrium.  Being in touch with ourselves and knowing we all have the ability to take care of our limitations, fears and expectations will allow us to enter a relationship with a full commitment to the experience.

2      – Intuition.  Listening to our intuition is like listening to an internal alarm.  When the experience feels good and we are comfortable our intuition is subtle. When something is amiss or we have crossed our comfort zone it becomes louder than a samba school on the first day of carnival.  It is up to us to be connected enough to listen to it.  And it is up to us to be respectful and courageous enough to act on it.

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Allowing Ourselves To Live Different Types Of Relationships

May 17, 2010 by  
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There are many kinds of relationships.  We just need to be open to enjoy them for what they are.  It sounds like a pretty obvious statement but the truth is people are complicated and we often have expectations.

But expectations keep us from living and enjoying certain relationships, because we want them to be something else than what they are.  If we can learn to live in the present and enjoy people and our connections as they happen and as they are, we would have more fun in our lives.

Sometimes relationships are just intellectual.  And that is just what they are. But we can have wonderful conversations if we don’t keep hoping and expecting them to be something else.

Sometimes relationships are just sexual.  And that is great.  Feeling sexual and sharing it with someone else can be a good experience if we don’t get frustrated and angry hoping it can be different.

And sometimes we have those relationships where most everything falls into place.  And it is heaven.

In every situation we have to ask ourselves: can I deal with this?  Am I okay if that is all I get from this experience.  Once we can answer yes, then that the key becomes not to force the relationship to be everything to us.

Sometimes connections are in our paths to fulfill some want or desire we are feeling.  Taking things for what they are and letting them run their course is a mature and smart way to live life.