Learn To Enjoy Your Successes

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We all need to work towards something.  That something can be just about anything; a house, a job, fitness, relationship.   It just needs to be something we can gather our energy and work towards.

These goals are important because they lay out our paths and help us focus.  It is in their pursuit that we will make our choices and gain knowledge.

Having goals is an end into itself.  Succeeding is a whole other ball game; nice but not necessary.

If my dream is to be a writer then as I write, create, and try to get to the next level, I fulfill my dream.  I strategize, I learn, I share. f my goal is to be successful and nothing else, then I don’t get to appreciate the process and most likely will feel like a loser if I don’t achieve a level of success that I find acceptable.

We don’t have control over outcomes.  We only have control of process. Attaching a sense of happiness and fulfillment to an outcome is a recipe for sadness.

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How To Find Your True Voice

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I just came across the below post and wanted to share with you.  In the article Martha Beck talks about the inner struggle between the “social, logical, status quo” voice and the “liberating, innovative, spontaneous” voice.  We all have at least those two voices.

The first voice we ever heard is the creative and innovative voice.  That voice is uniquely ours.  It is our own way of being and interpreting the world.  Sometimes this voice jives with society and sometimes it doesn’t.  But it is uniquely ours and it doesn’t care about being accepted.  Its mission is our contentment and happiness.

The second voice – logical – we start acquiring as we grow. It is the voice we internalize from peers, teachers, parents, and relationships.  It is the voice of our society.  This voice is more concerned in fitting in and doing things by the book.  Because most people listen mostly to this kind of voice we feel the pressure to join in and in the end we feel safe.  The feeling of safety – even though when put to test proves not to be true – comes from us acting and being a member of a large group that obey and live by the same rules.

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Redefining Success

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Excellent post by Douglas LaBier on today’s Huffington Post.

It talks about a movement of change and transformation taking place today.  A shift of values in the midst of wars and instability.  It is a significant time in human history where we have the chance to find more fulfilling ways to spend our lives.  We are talking about meaning.  And we are all participating in this moment either passively or actively.

The values bought by our society of personal power and success as being the goals to achieve are being debunked.  We now know being rich and powerful alone does not bring personal satisfaction and meaning to anyone.

As our world becomes intimately interconnected we become more aware of different cultures and ways of living. We realize living just for ourselves is a path to hollowness and dissatisfaction.  So much to do and so much to learn that involves only our interest and curiosity without the chains that keeps us searching for the next step up on the ladder.

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Finding Your Own Sense Of Well-Being

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A funny thing happens when we start to connect with who we really are.  We start to find a greater sense of peace and personal purpose. It is as if finally after many years, we a Rubic’s cube of sorts, finally get put together in the right way.

I like to say we are our own masterpiece.  What I mean by that is our journey in life is to chisel away the extra stone to expose the sculpture that was always there.  The world outside ourselves is not nearly as important as the world that lives within, which holds all the love, hope, and purpose we seek.

Finding our true selves and connecting requires two actions: 1 – separating what is ours from what is of others and 2 – not getting confused by appearances.

Separating what is ours from what is of others:

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Kevin Spacey Talks About Success

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A very heartfelt and talk by actor/director/producer Kevin Spacey on what success is and means.


Formula For A Successful Life

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Angie Rubin

If you are now sitting at your computer reading this post, you have something to be thankful for.  You have a computer, time and the inclination to read about love.  Go with that!

Now think about what other good things you have in your life. Friends? A home? Time? A park nearby? A thought, a feeling that is important to you that you want to share?

There is so much in each of our lives that can enrich our experience if we would just let it happen.  But, we rush and worry and we don’t give the respect and attention to the gifts we already have.

So, make a list of the things that you can be thankful and proud of.  Once it’s done, read it to yourself and savor each word.  Then remember each thing on your list every day and as often as you can.

And please don’t rush the future.  It will come soon enough.  Instead live life with enthusiasm.

Now, you have the formula to a successful life; find contentment in the beautiful things you have in your life and live them.

Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly.  ~Edward Albee

Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys.  If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it.  ~Fyodor Dostoevsky


Why I Don’t Care About Success

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I really like the below post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.  www.zenhabits.net.  It offers a personal take on success.

Success is a relative term.  Defining success as doing something we love and doing it today is a healthier and more satisfying way to live our lives. Enjoy.

‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.’ ~Albert Einstein

A lot of people in my field write about how to be successful, but I try to avoid it. It’s just not something I believe is important.

Now, that might seem weird: what kind of loser doesn’t want to be successful?

Me. I’m that loser.

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From Migrant Worker To Brain Surgeon

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Yes we can.

At 19, he jumped a border fence and started life in America as a migrant worker. Ten years later, he was a Harvard medical student and a U.S. citizen. Now he is an expert on brain tumors.


Breaking The Strong Grip Of Loss And Fear In Love

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At some point in our lives we become aware of some inevitable big themes; loss and death.  Even the lucky ones, who will only experience the loss of others from old age, will have to come face to face with grief.

I don’t want to talk about the pain loss causes but do want to talk about fear.

Once we have experienced our first life changing loss, how do we continue to live life with courage and commitment, fully knowing that more loss will take place including that of our own selves?

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When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown

cloud_thumbI have led and lead an unconventional life.  It is made out of the creation and execution of ideas.  I deal with rejection, disappointments and frustrations on a daily basis.  I want to see my ideas come to reality but the road is often long and arduous.

Along the way I have learned to deal with:

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