The Greatest Gift; Seen For Who We Truly Art

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I usually read a book while riding my stationary bike.  As I have just finished “Company of Liars”, I was looking through my husband’s books for something new to read.  I found “Paint It Black”, written by Janet Fitch a friend and a neighbor.

I had only read “White Oleander” by Janet and so I was excited to start on something else written by her.  I sat on my bike and started on the book.  The time the book is set in is John Lennon’s death and the setting, my own neighborhood, Silver Lake.

On page 7 Janet writes about Josie Tyrell, the main character and her boyfriend Michael: “She held on to him, her eyes closed, drinking in his smell, pine and moss and some peculiar chemistry of his own, that she craved the way an addict craved freebase.”

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Lessons From Sex And The City

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Okay, so why am I thinking about Sex and the City?  It could be because the weekend is coming up or that my sister in law was the music editor on the film or a third possibility which will remain…

Anyway, I found these quotes and felt like discussing the great wisdom the four girls imparted on all of us through their trials and tribulations over many television seasons.

Carrie, who is the good friend and whose point of view we saw the show through, while spending many episodes in her quest to find love and the perfect partner, dealt with a number of life issues like: jealousy, confusion, and angst.  At one time she said: Read more