Bride-to-be Looks Beyond Life-Changing Accident

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(CNN) — Fourteen months after she was left paralyzed by a pool mishap at her bachelorette party, Rachelle Friedman is having the wedding of her dreams Friday — and then some.

Joining Friedman and fiance Chris Chapman will be between 100 and 120 family members and their closest friends, witnesses to the couple’s can-do spirit.

“It just feels like a love story to people,” said Rachelle’s mother, Carol. “They are really great together.”…Continued


Learning To Find Positive In Loss

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Today, I was talking to a friend on the phone who used to be a high fashion model.  My friend walked the runways for such designers as Valentino, Christian Dior, and Montana. One day while paragliding he became trapped in electrical wires and ended up losing a leg.  His life radically changed.  He went from making a living from being extremely in shape and good looking to being a man stared at for having a disability.  But my friend is a survivor. He went back to paragliding and actually added a few more sports.  Today he is an extreme sports athlete.

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Let Go Of The Anger

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heartsMost of us have had difficult experiences in our lives and the older we get the higher are the probabilities of us having traumatic experiences.

I’m an “early bloomer” and so I’ve already had a few of both.   Some remembrances bring back pain and some bring back anger.   I’m now particularly thinking about the ones that bring back anger.  These are usually situations where we have been taken advantage of or didn’t make the right decision and ended up paying a high price.   Whatever the reasons were that ended up leaving us with an anger memory, the reality is; it is the past.  No matter what we do today it will not change what has already happened.

When we feel the anger come up the best thing to do is to remember we were different people at the time the event happened.  We had a different set of thoughts and skills than the ones we have today.  Whatever judgments we make today; “how could I have been so stupid?”  “why didn’t I do this or that?” are not fair to ourselves.  We were different people.

The next thing to remember is whatever happened is part of who we are today.  So being a person that today can recognize situations that shouldn’t have happened is a direct result of the things that shouldn’t have happened.

Lastly, remember that life is about learning and experiencing.  Putting too much anger onto things that can’t change keeps us stuck.  So the best thing is to let go of the anger and keep on living and learning.


Seeing Beauty

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Reading about Jaycee Lee Dugard, 

( the child kidnapped at age 11 and held in a shed for eighteen years, when at the end of the article I read the following from Elizabeth Smart, the Utah teenager kidnapped in 2002 for nine months and reunited with her family in 2003 at age 15:

On Thursday, Elizabeth Smart told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that after the reunion she spent lots of time with her family and advised survivors to not let “this horrible event take over and consume the rest of your life. Because we only have one life and it’s a beautiful world out there.”

“I would just encourage her to find different passions in life and continually push forward … [and] not to look behind, because there’s a lot out there,”

Her statement reminded me of a quote I had read by Anne Frank; “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.”

How is that young women that have gone through such aggression can still see beauty in the world?

I think because it is a choice.  Letting the obstacles and the inhumane in life take over our spirits is more damaging than the actions perpetrated against us.

Our spirit or soul or energy, whatever you want to call it, belongs singularly to each one of us and we have at each moment the ability to choose how to look at life.

Jaycee has a long road ahead of her.  It is daunting to me how she could ever find peace and happiness but I know Elizabeth Smart is right when she says “…continually push forward…[and] not to look behind, because there’s a lot out there”.