Ten Things To Do This Weekend To Make It A Superb One

March 26, 2010 by  
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1                    –  Make one of the two days 100% work free

2                    –  Run a bath, light candles, read a book or watch a movie

3                    –  Go for a walk or a hike

4                    –  Make lunch or dinner plans with a friend and/or a partner

5                    – Take 30 minutes on Saturday or on Sunday and sit quietly.

Concentrate on your breathing and let the thoughts do their dance your head without attaching any importance to any of them.

6                    – Try smiling all weekend long no matter how you’re feeling.

7                    – Do something nice, big or small, for someone else; either a friend or a stranger.

8                    – Rent a nature DVD like Planet Earth.

9                    –  Wake up late one of the days and spend some time in bed before jumping up.

10                 –  Imagine how you want your life to be.  Make it good.