The Good Men Project

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The Good Men Project I like this site because it offers readers posts that are outside stereotypes.  The site often offers posts with such titles as : Are Men Inherently Violent? and Man To Man With Russell Simmons. Check it out.


Simple Moments = Fulfillment

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Last night, as I’m getting ready to go to my Yoga class a dear friend of mine calls to invite me for dinner.  I first hesitated as I was planning in eating light – post Christmas’ belly blues – and then watching a movie.  At the end I said yes as I really love this friend.

I had a really nice slow, stretching Yoga time and then drove to her house through the great winds gushing through Los Angeles.  It was almost 9pm when I arrived.  My friend was already in the kitchen preparing our dinner.  She sat me down at the candle lit dinning-table, plopped my favorite cheese in front of me and then handed a glass of Champagne.   As I filled myself up with bread, cheese and Champagne we talked about the changes we want to see happen in our lives in the coming year and about friends and family.

At around 9:30pm my friend served a most fabulous sushi dinner; yellowtail, tuna, fish roe and a salad.  As we ate, drank and talked I was reminded of how little it takes to create a magical moment; a good friend, good food, a glass of Champagne and candles.

So often we are focused in chasing after the big things; a better job, relationship, money, and we either don’t create or don’t appreciate the simple moments which are the foundation of our well-being.

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memory_thumb_1Just the sound of the word sends chills down my spine.  Despair is when you look around and there seems to be no way out.  Despair is when pain has taken a hold of us and wont’ let go.  I have been there and I know its shape, weight, and smell.  I know it well.

I do Yoga.  Sometimes we get into positions where supposedly a small number of muscles are asked to support our entire body weight for a few minutes and it feels like an eternity.  Our first reaction is to tense up.  Somehow the body thinks that if it tenses up it will make the task easier but instead the tension makes it almost impossible to hold the position.  It is then I tell my body to let go.  To release into the position.  It is then I take deep breaths and engage my entire body in supporting the position.

And so it is with despair.  When pain grabs hold of us we have to release into it.  There is no point in fighting it.  It hurts, so we breathe deeply and release into it.  We acknowledge its existence – trying to run away will only add to its power – and we remind ourselves that we are only in this position for awhile.  Soon life, just like the Yoga teacher, will move us to another position.